Using a Heat Press Machine to Make Great Theater Outfits!

Making your own theater clothing has never been so easy thanks to modern heat press machines! Anyone can easily create some of the most beautiful heat transfers imaginable, all with the simple pull of a lever! This would have been unthinkable a mere decade ago, but not anymore! Now anyone can hop onto the best heat press machine reviews site and buy a heat press machine that’s perfect for their needs.

We have begun to make our own clothing with heat press machines simply because we were paying too much by outsourcing it. We’ve made a ritual of transferring vinyl every other Thursday. Not only are we saving a ton of money, but we’re also able to make the clothing to our exact specifications. Previously, we would have to go back and forth with our vendors on how to perfect our desired attire. That problem has been alleviated since we purchased our heat press machine.

We didn’t even have to spend that much on our Mophorn 5-in-1 heat press. I think we paid around $250, which is practically nothing compared to how much we have saved. We used to have to spend around $200 per piece of clothing that we needed vinyl transferred onto. This pricing was ridiculous and was bankrupting us.

We had a professional t-shirt maker come in and show us how to properly use our heat press. Once they showed us the proper way to transfer vinyl, we were off and running. Using a heat press machine truly is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Really, anyone can do it. Once you have your heat press machine heated up, simply put the heat transfer vinyl onto the garment, place the garment onto the heated surface of the heat press, and pull the lever down. You then wait 30 – 60 seconds, and open the heat press.

Viola! You now have a custom-made theater outfit thanks to your heat press machine!