Denver’s Impulse Theater: Quick Humor and Hard Laughs

Denver’s Impulse Theater is located in the Wynkoop Brewing Company. Operating for over 20 years, this theater has its own cast, which delivers regular performances guaranteed to get laughs. With regular showings, this place is a “hot” one in the area. Here’s a review of this unique entertainment spot.

“Quick wit turned into humor.”

The comedy at Denver’s Impulse Theater is smart, quick and improvisational. It is also audience-interactive. So, if you come to the show, be prepared to be a part of it. Also, understand that the comedy is fast and unpredictable. It is this part that makes it so funny. As a result, you will never know what is going to happen next – of course, other than big laughs.

“A cast that is as smart as the comedy.”

If you are wondering why the comedy at Denver’s Impulse Theater is so intelligent, just look at the cast. This group of men and women are college-educated geeks who just happen to have a funny bone. So, instead of sitting behind a desk or in a lab, they choose to make people laugh. They can always go for a corporate job after they retire from comedy.

“Humor geared to every age group.”

Denver’s Impulse Theater tries to create humor for everyone. Although it may be broken up into different times, this theater offers shows for a variety of age groups and demographics. One such show is the “All Ages Night” that panders to the under 21 group. It’s clean, family friendly and funny.

“A fun place to go for a private party.”

Are you in need of entertainment for a birthday party? Hire the troupe at Denver’s Impulse Theater. You can actually hold the event at the theater or in a private hall. Either way, the air will be filled with laughter. It will be an event that people remember for a long time.

“Laugh hard and work smart.”

Is your office is lagging in productivity because of muddled thinking and lack of vision, call in the troupe from Impulse Theater. Through comedy, they will teach your staff how to deal with a variety of things that effect every office such as change, poor communication, stress and collaboration. The Impulse Theater troupe will mold their seminar based on your group along with a time period starting with ½ day to a 3-day retreat.

If Impulse Theater sounds like the place for you, visit it soon. Below is the location and hours. Also, you can visit the theater website at for more information.

Theater Locale and Hours

Location: 1634 18th St, Denver, CO 80202

Phone: (303) 297-2111

Hours: Thurs – 8 pm, Fri to Sat – 7:30 pm  & 9:45 pm

Call for Sunday Show Times