How to Start Your Own Theater Group

How to Start Your Own Theater Group

If you enjoy the trill of being onstage, you probably are involved with your local theater group. What makes you want to be a part of this kind of group can differ a lot from person to person. What can you do if you are in an area that has no theater group to speak … [Read more…]

How to Save Money on Movie Theater Tickets

How to Save Money on Movie Theater Tickets

You may be shocked and dismayed at the price of theater tickets nowadays. Besides the base price, you will often find extra fees if it is one of the ever-increasing number of 3D or IMAX films. Fortunately, there are different ways that you can save, and you should try as many methods as possible. Visit … [Read more…]

Jan Fabre: A Must See at Kassar Theater

Kassar Theater

After exiting Kassar Theater after viewing Jan Fabre’s “Je Suis Sang: A Medieval Fairy Tale,” I think I maintained the same gaping jaw-drop as I did throughout the entire play. “Je Suis Sang” was indeed not like any other play I have ever seen. With a cast of several main characters, dancers, and musicians, as … [Read more…]

All My Sons Theater Review

Arthur Miller's All My Sons

What responsibility do we have towards people? Or for that matter, what responsibility does a play have toward its audience? In the revival of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons, director Simon McBurney tries to answer the first question while failing in the second. All My Sons tells the story of an American family in 1947. … [Read more…]

Denver’s Impulse Theater: Quick Humor and Hard Laughs

Denver's Impulse Theater

Denver’s Impulse Theater is located in the Wynkoop Brewing Company. Operating for over 20 years, this theater has its own cast, which delivers regular performances guaranteed to get laughs. With regular showings, this place is a “hot” one in the area. Here’s a review of this unique entertainment spot. “Quick wit turned into humor.” The … [Read more…]